Your in-house design team that helps you hop to success

HOP is a design team specialised in product design, offering flexible subscription plans in both half-time and full-time options.

We combine business vision with powerful design thinking and top notch UI skills to help startups and their co founders get from 0 to 1 and beyond.


Why should you Hop with us?

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Seamless Integration

Our collaborative process seamlessly integrates with your existing development team, ensuring a harmonious workflow.


Speed to Market

Accelerate your product's journey from concept to market with our efficient design solutions.


Expert Design

Tap into the expertise of our seasoned designers who specialize in enhancing user engagement and product appeal.


Flexible Plans

You pay the same every month. Have us hop with you as long as you need and cancel or pause when you think it makes sense.


Affordable Excellence

Get top-tier design solutions without the heavy costs associated with hiring a full-time senior designer.

About us

At HOP, we recognize the challenges that successful startups like yours face when it comes to design

You have built a proven concept, assembled a skilled development team, and now you're ready to take your product to new heights. That's where we come in – bridging the gap between concept and captivating design.

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How it works

Transforming Startups Through Design Innovation

Seb Sommer

You don't need to break the bank or spend countless hours searching for senior designers. By subscribing to HOP Design, you gain access to a dedicated team of design experts who understand the unique needs of startups. We offer both half-time and full -time plans, designed to amplify your vision, elevate your user experience, and bring a fresh, innovative perspective to your product.

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Celebrating Our Collaborations


What people say about us

Rob Shavell
Rob Shavell
CEO @DeleteMe

HOP is an invaluable part of our team and process to forge products that exceed customer expectations. Highly recommended if you are lucky enough to find and engage this group.

Jana Ulaite
Jana Ulaite
Ex-TikTok, Ex-Apple

Loved working with Jo and the team. They are passionate about their work and care about the impact. Jo never takes shortcuts or “easy routes” - he invests himself fully and goes on a journey to deliver outstanding result, never afraid to challenge status quo, push boundaries and innovate. Dedicated, collaborative and humble at all times.

Ahmed Abd ElMageed
Ahmed Abd ElMageed
Ex-Google, Ex-Microsoft

Working with Jo, Seb, and Davide has been an incredible experience. Your talent, creativity, and dedication have always inspired me. The synergy we've had as a team has not only resulted in outstanding design work but also in a warm and collaborative working environment. You guys have consistently delivered beyond expectations, and your attention to detail is second to none.

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy
COO @ Tempest

Jo, Seb and Davide are a wildly talented and equally dependable group of designers. I've had the pleasure of working with them on large scale brand development projects and on-going product UI/UX enhancements, and their work always feels original, yet practical in the resulting output & application.

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Find your answers

With HOP Design, you gain access to a diverse team of seasoned product designers, each with their own expertise and perspective. This collective knowledge brings a broader range of creative ideas and solutions to your digital products. Cost-efficiency is a significant advantage. Our team offers top UX/UI design without the heavy costs associated with hiring a full-time senior product designer, including salaries, benefits, and equipment. We offer flexible subscription plans, including both half-time and full-time options, with a minimum duration of just one month. This ensures you get the right level of design support on your terms.

Certainly! Our portfolio showcases a wide range of shipped iOS, Android, SaaS, IoT, and other digital products, with millions of users. Feel free to explore our work to get a sense of our skills. Hint: If you click on our profile pictures on the top of the website, you will be able to visit our individual portfolios as well.

Just as an in-house senior designer, we welcome your feedback and revisions. We work closely with you to refine the design until it aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.

Yes, we're here for the long haul with our subscription-based model. We don't engage in project-based relationships. Think of us as an extension of your team, providing the flexible design support you need. Our subscription plans, available in both half-time and full-time options, ensure continuous access to our expertise, making it easy to maintain and evolve your digital products.

Getting started with HOP Design is easy. We start with a discussion to understand your goals. Once we're on the same page, we join your team to bring your vision to life. You can choose between our half-time and full-time plans to begin.

Our subscription plans, whether half-time or full-time, have a minimum duration of just one month. We understand that project needs can change, so our flexible approach ensures you can engage with us for as long as it benefits your project.